Maria Dubovikova


Alumni of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia) (honors diploma). She is a President of IMESClub, columnist of Al Arabiya English, Arab News. Prominent political comentator

Activist. Analyst. Independent researcher. 

Her career has started in 2007. She has been involved in numerous projects in the field of political science, international research since that time.

She wrote her Master Thesis working at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). She was involved in Promotion of Arab Peace Initiative collaborating with CDCD. She regularly takes part and organises of high level international conferences and events devoted to the Middle East/Arab World agendas. 

She has finished her post-graduate studies at MGIMO. And now Maria writes her PhD thesis under supervision of the most prominent Russian scientist and expert on the Middle East, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vitaly Naumkin. The subject of her research is "Evolution of social and political system of Egypt from Mubarak to Sisi".


Since 2014 she is a columnist of Al Arabia English. She is a regular political commentator and analyst on Sky News Arabia, BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera and other TV channels. 

She works on popularisation of the Middle East and Arab world in Russia, fights islamophobia, xenophobia, arabophobia, stereotypes through diverse initiatives. She masters unique PR,GR, BR activities. IMESClub, NGO led by Maria is focusing now on building bridges between the societies, on amelioration of perceptions and bilateral climate amelioration between the societies. Her motto is: "Governments are changing. Societies stay the same. Build bridges between societies first. Not between the governments". IMESClub also works on popularisation of Russian Middle Eastern studies abroad. It unites the leading experts on the Middle East from Russia and 15 foreign countries. Organisation was established in 2012 and successfully develops since then.


Professional research field: religious extremism and ways to counter it, ISIS; Jordan-Russia ties, Russian, French, American policy in the MENA, Syrian war, GCC, Peace Process.


Fluently speaks and writes in French and English. Learns Arabic.

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